Severo Ochoa

«From here» Ochoa/Albers

Art about Asturian scientist Severo Ochoa de Albornoz (1905-1993). He developed his work at exile, moving in 1936 to Germany, later to England and finally to United States in 1940. With his work focused on pharmacology and biochemistry, he publishes his research about “polynucleotide -phosphorylase” enzime in 1955. This is an essential Discovery to decipher genetic code.
On this painting, Severo Ochoa talks with Josef Albers (1888-1976), Bauhaus German artista who was also exiled under Nazism in 1933. Albers promoted composition theory with treatises about shape and color, what we can call art´s genetics. Therefore, we can see these two knowledge giants look at each other.

Obra por José Moreno